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AbstractMessage<A> - Class in org.simplesim.core.messaging
Abstract base class for messages that are sent from one port to another.
AbstractMessage(A, A, Object) - Constructor for class org.simplesim.core.messaging.AbstractMessage
Generals constructor for all types of messages.
AbstractPort - Class in org.simplesim.core.messaging
Ports are used to send messages within a model.
AbstractPort(ModelEntity) - Constructor for class org.simplesim.core.messaging.AbstractPort
ACCEPTABLE_WAITING_TIME - Static variable in class org.simplesim.examples.elevator.shared.Limits
add(long) - Method in class org.simplesim.core.scheduling.Time
add(Time) - Method in class org.simplesim.core.scheduling.Time
addAction(AspirationAdaptation.Action) - Method in class org.simplesim.reasoning.AspirationAdaptation
Adds a new action without any estimation of its influence.
addAction(AspirationAdaptation.Action, double[]) - Method in class org.simplesim.reasoning.AspirationAdaptation
Adds a new action with estimated influences to the list of actions.
AddEntityRequest - Class in org.simplesim.core.dynamic
Request to add an entity to a domain.
AddEntityRequest(BasicModelEntity, BasicDomain) - Constructor for class org.simplesim.core.dynamic.AddEntityRequest
Sets the entity to be moved and the new domain.
addParetoFront(double[], double[]) - Method in class org.simplesim.examples.fonseca.FonsecaChart
addToDomain(BasicDomain) - Method in class org.simplesim.model.BasicModelEntity
addToDomain(BasicDomain) - Method in class org.simplesim.model.InstrumentationDecorator
addToDomain(BasicDomain) - Method in interface org.simplesim.model.ModelEntity
Adds this entity to a domain.
addToQueue(int, Request) - Method in class org.simplesim.examples.elevator.shared.ElevatorState
Agent - Interface in org.simplesim.model
Agents are the acting entities of the simulation model.
Agent.UnknownEventType - Exception in org.simplesim.model
Exception to be thrown if the current event is unknown.
AGITATED - Enum constant in enum class org.simplesim.examples.elevator.shared.VisitorState.Mood
ANGRY - Enum constant in enum class org.simplesim.examples.elevator.shared.VisitorState.Mood
AspirationAdaptation - Class in org.simplesim.reasoning
This class implements a variation of the aspiration adaptation algorithm.
AspirationAdaptation(AspirationAdaptation.GoalVariable[]) - Constructor for class org.simplesim.reasoning.AspirationAdaptation
AspirationAdaptation(AspirationAdaptation.GoalVariable[], AspirationAdaptation.STRATEGY) - Constructor for class org.simplesim.reasoning.AspirationAdaptation
Constructor of aspiration adaptation strategy
AspirationAdaptation.Action - Interface in org.simplesim.reasoning
abstraction layer, has to be implemented by the callers actions
AspirationAdaptation.GoalVariable - Interface in org.simplesim.reasoning
abstraction layer for the goal variables / objectives
AspirationAdaptation.STRATEGY - Enum Class in org.simplesim.reasoning
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All Classes and Interfaces|All Packages|Constant Field Values|Serialized Form