When building multi-agent simulations you want to focus on your model and the interaction of the agents. Looking for a suitable software can be tedious: Some simulation frameworks are easy to use, but hardly customizable for your task. Others are highly customizable but model building is a software development project for itself. And execution speed is yet another topic of its own.

JSimpleSim offers a sensible balance between fast familiarization with the software, good adaptation to your modelling project and fast simulation speed. Written in Java and based on the discrete-event approach (DES), it has the following features:

  • Easy model building
  • Powerful messaging system and efficient event queues
  • Separation of modelling and simulation – just try another simulator with the same model!
  • Sequential and concurrent simulation execution available
  • Dynamic model changes during a simulation run
  • Flexibility: cellular automata, hierarchical or meshed models – one tool for all.

Links for a quick start: